Everything is energy. Everything around us has a certain frequency or vibrational level. Objects, your food, you yourself, your partner, your house, your room (whether tidy or messy). Even your mood, the quality of your relationship, and your thoughts have a specific energetic frequency. Literally everything, even if you’re not aware. This can be a high or a low frequency. Everything that’s good for you will increase your frequency. Everything that’s bad for you will lower your frequency. Wouldn’t it be great if you could control that!

When you’re pregnant, you’re also dealing with the frequency of your developing baby. Your baby has its own frequency from the moment it’s conceived. Your frequency does affect that of your child, but it is still your foetus’ own frequency. This will become even more obvious once your baby is born. What stays the same is how strongly your baby is affected by all the different frequencies around it. This gives you many opportunities to positively influence your baby’s frequency, even after birth.

These are the first words in my book Intuitive Parenting, energetically connecting to your child from conception. That connection is there from the start, but what we want to establish is a conscious connection – one you can summon and reinforce with your intention.

Around you is your aura, your personal energy field which acts like a kind of energetic shell. Within you, and radiating outwards, are various areas that each have their own energetic frequency: the chakras. These chakras are energetic centres with a higher, completely unique universal frequency, which each have a colour with the corresponding frequency value. There are seven chakras, numbered from 1 to 7, running in one line from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. At the bottom, your first chakra connects you to the earth and earth energy and at the top, your seventh chakra connects you to heaven and cosmic energy. All other chakras in between connect you to yourself and the world around you. These seven chakras are the themes in my book. Each chakra represents a series of skills and psychological developments and forms as such a learning experience. Each chakra theme is a chapter in my book.

This book has many meditations and exercises intended to help you establish the best possible connection with your (future) child. It is mainly aimed at women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth, which is the most important time to deeply anchor that connection. But you can choose to consciously work on this at any time in your life, of course.

Because establishing that connection doesn’t come naturally and easily to everyone, I run a number of courses in addition to my book. You can also take these courses on their own, without the book. If reading is not for you, my online training will give you access to everything covered in the book and more.